Most know Seven Mary Three from their 1995 breakthrough debut American Standard and the iconic single "Cumbersome" which continues to receive tons of airplay on rock radio to this day. Those in the know see the band a bit differently. They are drawn to Jason Ross' powerful and often introspective songwriting, to his distinctive voice, and to an impressive catalog of Seven Mary Three songs developed over seven records and a fifteen year career.

This side of the band is captured on Backbooth, a new live acoustic record on Settle Up Records. Recorded in Orlando, FL at a private show for its most passionate fans, Backbooth documents Seven Mary Three in its simplest form--great songs, mostly acoustic instrumentation, and an intimate setting. In addition to classic Seven Mary Three songs ("Lucky", "Wait"), the record includes previously unreleased (“Untitled”) and rare ("Walk With the Devil") gems from their catalog, and a stunning cover of Otis Redding’s "That's How Strong My Love Is".

While Backbooth is available at retail worldwide now, you can buy it directly from the band right here, right now. And, we offer both a standard version and a deluxe package that includes fourteen video downloads from that evening’s performance and a CD signed by Jason Ross delivered by mail.

Settle Up Records
Release date: February 9, 2010
1 Untitled
2 Last Kiss
3 Oceans of Envy
4 Wait
5 Laughing Out Loud
6 Dreaming Against Me
7 Home Stretch
8 Dead Days in the Kitchen
9 She Wants Results
10 Flagship Eleanor
11 Upside Down
12 Hammer & a Stone
13 Each Little Mystery
14 Southwestern State
15 Lucky
16 That's How Strong My Love Is
17 Walk With the Devil

Produced by Seven Mary Three. Recorded and Mixed by Casey Daniel
Recorded at Backbooth, Orlando FL on February 22, 2008
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