Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Front Office staff of Seven Mary Three (really Jenn and I).

Hope you are enjoying the new 7M3.com. We've gotten some incredible photos and video since we launched. These will be continually posted to the site but I wanted to call out a few ones in particular:

  • Scott Wellestat has 3 new clips from our 10 year show on his YouTube channel, including an awesome version of "Where Are You Calling From". Check it here.
  • Cool conceptual video for "Hammer & a Stone" from Lucid Windows. Check it here.

We're still overwhelmed by everything Backbooth. Apologies for the slight delay on Deluxe CDs but everyone who ordered should now have theirs. Please help us spread the good word by sharing the "That's How Strong My Love Is" video and/or embedding the widget wherever you can. Video and share/embed links below. We're still a month away from our official release date of February 9th, so you still have time to get yours before the rest of the world by clicking here.

More tour dates coming. Stay tuned and here's to a great 2010.



Happy Holidays & New Site

As 2009 draws to a close, we want to thank everyone for your support of
Seven Mary Three and wish you and yours a happy Holiday season. We're
ending the year with a flurry of good activity, including...

You're here so you probably realized this here site is all new. We've got a new store and blog, more photos and video, and an enhanced
music section along with some new content. There are still a few things
we need to do, but the new site is much easy for us to operate and
we'll be updating it more frequently. We also want to post your
galleries and video. There are links to submit these in those sections
of the site. Finally, our 12 year old lumbering giant of a message
board is still in place and keeping those streaks alive. It is a drop down in the Interact section.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased Backbooth
and had so many nice things to say about the record. We get CDs from
the plant next week and will be shipping your orders ASAP after they

If you have not yet purchased the record or don't know that Backbooth is, click here
and get to it! Orders in this week will make it our with the initial
shipments. If you are into waiting, Backbooth will be available on
iTunes and to the rest of the world in February 2010.

We also need your help spreading the word about the new record. We make it easy with a video player on the Backbooth page.
Within the player you can embed the code and put the video on your
social network site or blog, share it with friends via email, and link
to it. Help 7M3 and turn your friends on to Backbooth!

We've got new T-shirts featuring our scrolls design, wool hats, sweatshirts, CDs and more in our online store. The perfect gift for the 7M3 fan in your family or treat yourself! Start shopping here.

got some great things in the works for next year. Cool promotions on
the site...tour dates...and the band is writing some new songs in
preparation for our next studio record. We also recently got the rights
back to DIS/LOCATION and will be doing a special release through
7M3.com soon.

Happy Holidays to all...

Seven Mary Three


Backbooth will be available to purchase on 7M3.com on Friday November 13th. Has kind of a nice ring to it, right? Here is the track listing:

Last Kiss
Oceans of Envy
Laughing Out Loud
Dreaming Against Me
Home Stretch
Dead Days In The Kitchen
She Wants Results
Flagship Eleanor
Upside Down
Hammer & A Stone
Each Little Mystery
Southwestern State
That's How Strong My Love Is
Walk With The Devil

This is most of our set from that night. We could not include all of the covers due to various legalities, but are very excited to have our version of Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is”. We will find ways for you to hear the rest. "Untitled" is also previously unreleased.

We will be selling Backbooth in the same way we did Churn. You can buy the downloads, buy a package where you download the music immediately and receive a CD in the mail, or purchase a deluxe version that includes extra bonus material. Backbooth deluxe includes 14 live video downloads from that evenings show and a signed and numbered CD in the mail.

Please check 7M3.com and your inbox next week for more information on Backbooth!