May 7MP3

This month we have a great one...Seven Mary Three's epic version of "Eleanor Rigby". This was a regular part of the set 2004 and 2005 and it was nice to go back and listen to the many live versions we have of it to pick the best one for our May 7MP3. There's also an awesome video of the band doing Rigby at DTE Energy Music Theatre outside Detroit--I'll see if I can dig that up and post on our youtube channel.

"Eleanor Rigby" is on The Beatles classic Revolver. I subscribe to the theory that your favorite Beatles record is the one you are listening to at that moment (Let It Be for me right now), but Revolver has probably gotten more play than any of their records. So that makes it a favorite of the favorites.

Enjoy "Eleanor Rigby", tell your friends, share it, and thanks so much for your support of Seven Mary Three.

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April 7MP3

Our April 7MP3 is an acoustic version "Oven" performed by Jason and Thomas at City Arts Factory in Orlando in March of 2007. Bootlegs of this show have made the rounds amongst our fans. Jason & Thomas did lots of covers that night and also debuted several songs that ended up on day&nightdriving.

"Oven" originally appeared on Rock Crown, the final song on an incredible record. I remember hearing this song in the studio down in New Orleans and being immediately struck by the lyrics, the sparse arrangement, and Ross' very emotional and personal perfomance. This live version makes me think of the first time I heard it that night. Atlantic brought Arif Mardin in to add strings and an orchestral element to the end of the song. This was done after the basic tracks were finished at the studio. You may or may not know Mardin's name, but he produced many influential jazz and soul records of the late 60's and some great 70's rock records. More recently he co-produced Norah Jones Come Away With Me. You can read up on him here.

The song has been a fan favorite since its' release and Seven Mary Three perform it from time to time. Sometimes it takes the right setting (10 year or day&allnighter) for the song to translate, but we performed it last weekend in Pittsburgh in the midst of our full on rock show.

Enjoy this version of "Oven" and feel free to share it with your friends via the nifty share feature on the player.



We know you have a ton of MP3s in your life but we want you to have a few 7MP3s...

Each month we will be giving you a free download. For March, it is "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere" a Neil Young tune we performed at the acoustic show now immortalized on Backbooth. Hope you enjoy.

To download the song, go to the home page of You will see the 7MP3 graphic--simply enter your email address and check your inbox for download instructions for the 7MP3. By download the track you will join our email/mailing list and those who are already on the list will still get the download.

Why are we doing this? We're sitting on a bunch of cool stuff we want you to hear. Covers. Live recordings. Video. And, it's our way of thanking you for your support and extending 7M3 nation.

So, check back each month to get your 7MP3. And, by all means tell your friends.

Stay warm...

Seven Mary Three