July 7MP3

This month we're going to rock. Our July 7MP3 is "Headstrong", recorded live in Foxboro MA in March 2009.

As (most of) you know, "Headstrong" is from American Standard making it at least 16 years young. Maybe it's the old soul in me (or just the fact I am old) but I'm always excited to hear the band perform material from this era. Millions of us bought that record and it has strong associations with a different time in our lives. While we all share that connection when we hear it today, only 4 people on the planet know what it's like to have written and recorded those songs in '94 and '95 and only a handful more have performed them as a member of Seven Mary Three. Have you ever thought about it from their perspective? What it's like to sing and play a song now that you wrote when you were in your teens? If it's something you don't regularly play does if feel like you are covering another bands' song?

Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey aside, this version of "Headstrong" feels full of life to me. Ross and Casey feel reconnected and Tommy and Mike bring new energy to the performance. A special shout out to Brandon Dingeman for recording this show.

Enjoy "Headstrong". Share it with the world.

And, remember…air conditioning is your friend this summer.


June 2011 7MP3

We've got an incredible version of "Lucky" for our June 7MP3. This was recorded live at a the now (semi) infamous Ross/Juliano City Arts Factory show in March 2007. Jason and Thomas played mostly covers that night with a few 7M3 gems from the past (like this one) and debuted several songs that would later be on day&nightdriving.

If you are reading this, chances are you are familiar with "Lucky". It's one of the bands most popular songs and finds its way into the set most every night. I first heard the song right after American Standard was released at at radio station (WEND) in Charlotte. The band was doing an acoustic set live at WEND and decided to play a new song, which turned out to be "Lucky". It's impact on me (and everyone else at Mammoth, their record label at the time) was incredible. The label was in the midst of the rocket known as "Cumbersome" but we couldn't wait to release the next record so the rest of the world could hear "Lucky". After legal wrangling and delays brought on by the Mammoth/Atlantic split, "Lucky" led off the Rock Crown release and became that records biggest hit despite the fact it was the third single on the record (behind "Rock Crown" and "Make Up Your Mind"). It still gives me chills listening to it now, and this City Arts version certainly delivers.

You know the drill by now. Enjoy the free download and please share the track with your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. We'll even bring back Friendster if you want. The download widget makes it easy for you to share the track.

We've got some Florida dates July 4th weekend and many others in the works. Stay tuned to the Tour section and/or let us pepper you with the good word on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay cool this summer. Enjoy "Lucky"


May 2011 7MP3

The May 7MP3 is our cover of the Eddie Floyd classic "Big Bird", recorded live in Foxboro MA in March 2009. The band first debuted this song during our day&allnighter weekend a month earlier at the House of Blues show and "Big Bird" was a fixture in our sets through '09 into '10. A great version of an incredible song. Check out the vocal stylings of Thomas Juliano during the call and response parts...

In case you are stopping in for the first time, here's the deal with 7MP3. We do a monthly free MP3 for our fans and ask that you share this with your friends. Free music is a good thing and a great way for us to build a direct rapport with our fans. We make sharing easy through the download process--you can easily post a widget on your Facebook, myspace or Twitter. Pretty cool, huh?

We've got a bunch of great shows in May, starting with a pre Kentucky Derby bash this Friday in Louisville. Check the tour section for details.

Happy May.