August 7MP3

August 7MP3

Our August 7MP3 is a Jason Ross solo acoustic version of "Last Kiss" recorded live on The Mark & Brian radio program in February 2008. Since Seven Mary Three has visited hundreds of radio stations throughout their career, I thought it would be fitting to include a live radio recording this month.

A few myth busters about radio...Stations are not always to hippest or coolest spaces. In smaller markets they can be modular/trailer type buildings, in mid-sized or even major markets they are often in corporate office parks on the outskirts of town. Imagine a long hallway with studios on both sides--country station next to the rock station next to the urban station next to the oldies station...Most of the time the DJ/interviewer is prepared and a fan, but others it's a painful 5 minutes of "Where did you get your name?" and "Do you like to party" type questions. When we perfrom the band sets up in the control room with two mics capturing the vocals and Jason and Thomas' guitars. Nowhere to hide. Of course that also makes for some incredible recordings--honest and real.

With "Last Kiss", the label flew Jason Ross to Los Angeles for two days of press and radio interviews to support day&nightdriving. The Mark & Brian show was taped early in the morning, always a challenge to get up and get ready to perfrom in a sterile non-artistic setting. Mark & Brain are great though and the KLOS studios and the atmosphere are totally professional and far from the trailer park/do you like to party scenario outlined above. Jason did a great interview and the three songs performed all went over big. Click here for more info on the Mark & Brian show.

Enjoy this version of "Last Kiss" and feel free to share it with your friends. We're working on the DIS/LOCATION re-release now--many more details coming in September.

Seven Mary Three has some great shows this fall. If not near you, maybe a road trip?